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ACAPMAlliance: fueling employment relationships

"ACAPMAlliance provides the industry with professional information, advice, support and representation in the workplace relations field"

The Downstream Petroleum industry is highly regulated and the employment sphere is no different. It is the responsibility of businesses in the industry to keep themselves up-to-date with changes to legislations and laws. Ignorance of a requirement is not a defence for failing to comply. 

ACAPMAlliance, the employment pillar of ACAPMA, aims to support the industry in workplace relations. ACAPMA has a team of dedicated Workplace Relations Professionals who are available to provide member only advice, support and even representation in the Fair Work Commissions/Tribunals. This includes Transfer of Business, Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Termination, Redundancy, Enterprise Bargaining and Union requests, which are dealt with on your behalf.

In addition, ACAPMAlliance also offers information, Business Toolkits, Quick Reference Guides and training. 

ACAPMAlliance training is coming to a city near you. For dates and more information, click here. Or to book, click here

For more information or advice, contact one of our Workplace Relations Professionals on 1300 160 270.


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