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HR Highlight: Why do we wait?

Posted by Elisha Radwanowski, ACAPMA on 27 January 2015
    This week's HR Highlight is a little different...usually we explore specific employment issues, compliance pressures, correct procedures and tips.  This week I am posing a question that has been plaguing me for my whole career...why do we wait?  Why, as managers of people, do we wait until things are at the worst before we act?  Short answer...because we don't like conflict - but our tendency to wait is causing more conflict, hurting morale, costing us good people and costing us money! As managers of people we understand that poor performance rarely turns up overnight.  There is a pattern of small issues that pester us for weeks, months and years before we crack and say 'Enough!'.  So why is it that we have to crack before we will talk to our staff about shaping up?  Or if we are talking to them, why is it we wait for a major incident or the whole work group to start complaining before we make these ...
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HR Highlight: Starting the Year off Right

Posted by Elisha Radwanowski on 7 January 2015
A new year has dawned and there is no better time to make sure that you are getting the little things right in your business, as getting them wrong could cost you. Managing the relationship between employers and employees is a delicate balancing act that requires skill and constant learning and adjustment. Getting the little things right It is easy to get caught up in making sure the "big" things are addressed, and miss out or overlook some compliance requirements. But there are several simple processes that many businesses are overlooking or completing in an ad-hoc fashion that is resulting in breach notices and fines being issued by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Failure to actively comply with what can appear to be a simple or low priority compliance process can cost the business thousands of dollars. Three things that come up again and again in the investigation notes are: Fair Work Information Statements Access to the Award...
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HR Highlight: Holiday Help?

Posted by Elisha Radwanowski on 15 December 2014
Oh the weather outside is delightful, and being still at work is somewhat frightful, but since you're stuck with HR drama you should're not alone, you're not alone, you are not alone! The Christmas break is an great opportunity to wind down with family and friends, but for us working in the employment area the work doesn't stop.  Rosters, pays, performance management and crisis management all still need to be done over Christmas.  With the added pressures of Christmas Party shenanigans and public holiday payments it is nice to know that you are not on your own. ACAPMA Members can call 1300 160 270 or email to access general advice and support, as well as specific resources and responses, including letter templates and advice based on their unique situation. Thankfully the advice and service Members can expect is significantly better than our song parody skills.  All advice and support is ...
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HR Highlight: Public Holidays 2014/2015

Posted by Elisha Radwanowski on 19 November 2014
  The festive season is just around the corner so this week's HR Highlight will review the coming public holidays. This holiday season: Public Holiday Rates - Time worked PLUS ?When a full-time or part-time employee works a public holiday they have to be paid for the public holiday PLUS paid a premium or penalty for working on what should have been a day off for them. When calculating and communicating pay rates to staff there can be some confusion.  This is compounded by the special treatment of Christmas Day and Boxing day in most modern awards.  It is important to review the Award, or employment instrument that the employee is engaged under, to determine the rates and minimum hours to be offered. ACAPMA members are reminded that ACAPMA can provide advice and support on the operation of public holidays in the industry, as well as resources on the calculation and application of public holiday rates. Regional Holidays It is ...
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HR Highlight: Ready for Christmas?

Posted by Elisha Radwanowski, ACAPMA on 24 September 2014
HR Highlight: Ready for Christmas?
HR Highlight: Ready for Christmas? It is late September. It is a bit early to consider Christmas to be ‘around the corner’ but we are mere days from seeing Christmas decorations instore, and now is the time for businesses to begin planning for the Christmas period.  Planning, engagement and communication now can ensure smooth functioning during the Christmas period, when we are busy serving customers, or busy with family and friends.  This weeks HR Highlight will look at some of the thing businesses can do now to make sure they have a hassle free Christmas.
  Trading through or temporarily shutting down?
  Businesses need to understand, and communicate to staff, if they are planning on trading through the Christmas period or not. 

Trading through can mean with full staff, skeleton staff or even additional staff.  All of these options will have an impact on the rostering, management and payment of staff through this pe...
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The format, venue and networking opportunities were excellent.

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